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What Is A White Labeled Formula?

We provide top of the line stock formulas to quickly get your product out of our facility and available to your customers. You have the choice of using your own label design or working with one of our talented label designers. For larger orders custom labels come free of charge.

We offer our white labeled formulas in multiple bottle, tub, jar, and pouch types. We can fulfill almost any bottle shape, size, color, and material. If you don’t see the bottle type or size you need give us a call or fill our the contact form to get in contact with us about your specific needs.

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Not Seeing What You Need?

Email our sales team with any questions you may have call or email one of our sale reps:

Email:  sales@intermountainnutrition.com        Phone: 1.801.788.4350

If you don’t find the mixtures your looking for making your own custom formula might better suit your needs.

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