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We Are Your Premier Manufacturer For Nutrition And Dietary Supplements.

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Whether you would like to curate your own customer formula, get a custom label created for a product, re-brand a quality product with your own label to give yourself an edge in the market, or looking for a partner that can manufacture and support nutrition supplement orders large and small in multiple forms Intermountain Nutrition is your one stop shop for premier manufacturing services for nutrition and dietary supplements.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Pill & Tablets Packaged Per Day
Bottles, Vials, Bags, Tubs & Jars Per Day
Pounds Of Product Per Day
FDA Registered Facility

FDA Registered

We are an FDA Registered facility

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Manufacturing By The Book

We always follow the guidelines set by the GMP and FDA.

Our Process

Our Blends Your Label

We can provide custom Label designs to either your own custom product or one of our white labeled formulas

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Watch Why Working With Intermountain Nutrition Saves You Big Vs Using A Broker!


With A Broker

You order a product

Broker shops around for the lowest bidding lab

GMP certified?
Who knows?

Specs often get

The lab finally receives your order and puts it in the queue

Product is shipped back to the broker which adds cost and time

Late and
marked up

You order a product

We Manufacture & ship
your product

You receive your product exactly as it was ordered faster than the industry standard

View Our Featured White Label Products

Our White Labeled products are made from the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in the most economical way, to provide you with an accessible ready to ship product in various quantities to brand however you need.
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If you can think, we can manufacture it

Intermountain Nutrition provides top quality products. We ensure our products and your custom formulas are examined through all critical phases of the manufacturing process and are compliant with all cGMP standards as outlined by the FDA.
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Our Mission is to provide you the best quality product, at the most competitive price while following all FDA and GMP practices.
Great products are created when the manufacturer and client know each step of the manufacturing process so quality and speed can always be accounted for. That’s why Intermountain Nutrition handles and manufactures our orders from raw to finished product.
We will always Provide premiere quality service throughout each step of the manufacturing process.

What Is White Labeling?

With us, you don't have to reinvent the wheel

Our Products Your Label

White labeled products are our curated formulas Pre-Produced and packaged. ready for you to sell. We offer multiple container types, sizes, and quantities.

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How do I make a custom Formula

Not sure where to start? let us help!

Choose your Ingredients or Talk to a certified sales Rep today!

Head over to our custom formula form and fill it out to receive a free quote. If you have any questions our qualified sale representatives are ready and waiting either by call, chat, or email.

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how long does it take

need to know how long to get your formulas out of your head and into stores?

stock formulas and custom formula time frames

We will always get back to you with detailed information about your order or quote in 1 business day.

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